Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rant "back atcha"

From a dear friend, addressed to me and Mr. Adams:


Equality, that most lofty god-like ideal upon which this country was founded, which made the USA the this world's great shining light, and for which so many of our fathers have shed blood, must by definition know no boundaries. The thing to pay attention to here, my fellow countrymen, is not gay marriage. It is the cliff our fine nation is teetering on the edge of. Gay marriage, and all issues pertaining thereto, has NEVER been anything but a handy, convenient distraction for the neo-right to feed America via the corporate news spin-machine, to keep her distracted from the fox in the hen-house: Iraq; politicization of the Supreme Court; loss of civil liberties; loss of a NEWS MEDIA (HELLO); and a very real war on We The People: On our science, on alternative fuel research that might loosen the strangle-hold this oil-cartel has us all in, on education, on the integrity of our voting system, and an increasingly jaded public that has been told, basically, to just obey and go shopping. There is much more to this list, of course, but you both know that god damned good and well. Wake up and spend your time talking about stuff that matters. I personally don't give a damn if my countrymen are gay or straight; if they're American, they have EVERY RIGHT THAT I DO, and I hold that right to be self-evident.
Now, both of you should be ashamed, because you're both obviously intelligent, articulate souls, given to reflection and strong opinions about the welfare of our land. We need people like you (on both sides of the aisle) to pay attention to the REAL problems. So pretty please...let's fix some real problems.
Well, dear friend, I am not ashamed. Not of defending fellow Americans against what they feel IS a real attack on their existence, an attack whose ultimate aim is to show them The Way out of their "sinful lifestyles." Sorry, but this topic is important, not as a voting issue, but a humanistic one.

That being said, I agree wholeheartedly with everything else you wrote. Thanks for contributing.

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