Monday, May 26, 2008

Fox News Commentator Hopes Obama is Assassinated

Fox News Commentator Liz Trotta, "slipping" over the names Osama and Obama, reveals a hateful wish:

I'm not thinking that this is even remotely acceptable. If I thought that a massive email campaign to the sponsors of the Fox program that allowed this hateful nonsense, this innocent little chuckle, to go on the air, I would be organizing it myself.

But let's not forget that Mike Huckabee joked about the same thing in front of the NRA not too long ago. And Hillary's comment about Robert F. Kennedy, while it was not a blatant suggestion that Obama could suffer or should suffer the same fate next month, was a painful reminder about her race-baiting campaign that has disgusted the majority of progressives around the nation.

This sort of casual dialogue about the killing of a major presidential candidate has no earthly place in our discourse. We are coming as close as one can to incitement as one can get before it no longer become free speech.

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