Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Naked Racism in WV

The LA Times reports that Mary Beth Jester, 41, of Morgantown, stood outside the IHOP with her two sisters, smoking a cigarette. When asked about the possibility of an Obama/Clinton ticket, it gave her no comfort:
"I'm going to write in Hillary on the ballot," she said, crushing her half-smoked cigarette. "I want to see a woman in there before I see a . . . " She stopped, and her sister finished the sentence with: "a man of color."
I don't understand why I'm surprised to read this, but I want to shake that redneck woman by the hair and dunk her in orange soda until she understands that Mr. Obama is much more American , more Christian, and more a regular person than she even pretends to be.

According to exit polls conducted by the AP in WV, one in four Clinton voters and one in ten Obama voters cited race as an important factor in their votes. How many of them didn't say?

Barely a third who voted for Clinton would vote for McCain over Obama in November. As many said they'd vote for Obama, and a quarter said they would not vote at all. If Clinton were the nominee, half of the Obama voters would support Clinton, 30% would go for McCain and the rest would stay home.

I'm floored that half the Obama voters would go for McCain over Clinton or stay home. STAY HOME? Are you kidding me? All staying home says is that you're a petulant child. So stay home. Better yet, find a new country to pollute with your ignorance.

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