Thursday, May 29, 2008

Murdoch/Olbermann: Quien es mas loco?

News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch (or as a former boss over at Fox TV called him, "Rupe Doggy Dogg") was asked by a Wall Street Journal report if he'd hire Keith Olbermann. "No," responded the media mogul, "I fired him five years ago.... He was crazy."

Olbermann's response is posted here. Essentially he said he was fired two weeks after reporting a story about the Los Angeles Dodgers being unofficially up for sale (Murdoch owned the team at the time), but only after being given the official denial from Murdoch's office and being told to say that none of his sources were from News Corp. He followed the rules, but still got canned, and he was told afterward that it was rumored that Murdoch had ordered the firing. It was just never proven at the time.

Money quote:
I appreciate Rupert finally owning up to firing me because I followed his rules. And as to the "crazy" part, he had to pay me $800,000 for the rest of 2001, and lord knows how many tens of millions I've helped MSNBC take out of his pocket ever since — so: who's crazy?
I'm honestly not sure that Murdoch cares a whit about any money "lost" by firing Olbermann, since he owns the most lucrative TV franchise in history in American Idol. I love Keith, but perhaps his head's gotten a little swollen.

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