Friday, May 9, 2008

War With Iran: the October Surprise?

Greenwald thinks so.

However, I think he stretches it (just a bit) by stating that Israelis are joining the American neoconservatives, at ratcheting up the pre-war rhetoric. The Jerusalem Post reported Thursday that Iran would "master centrifuge technology and begin enriching uranium on a military scale this year."

The Israeli ambassador to the U.S. was also on Fox News this morning making the same predictions:

Using the word "holocaust" to describe Iran's intents sends a clear message to Iran that Israel and the US will view their efforts in the harshest possible way, and that they risk much in pressing forward with enrichment of uranium. Last summer, the Israelis likely bombed a Syrian military target which most believe was a nuclear cache from North Korea. Both Israel and Syria kept quiet about it. Syria did the right thing; they understand the consequences of publicly flexing nuclear muscle in the Middle East.

And if it's true, isn't Israel right to warn about it? Does anyone believe that a nuclear Iran wouldn't try to pass weaponry to Hezbollah in Lebanon to use against Israel?

Finally, I'm not so sure that Israel feels any big love for George Bush. After all, the guy abandoned the Middle East peace process and put them in greater danger by invading Iraq and creating a bigger mess than there already was. They love all American presidents who make public pronouncements of America's unbreakable bond with them. And now that Barack Obama has put his loyalty on the record, he can join all the others.

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