Friday, May 9, 2008

What No One Else Will Say...

It's because he's black, OK? Andrew Kohut makes it clear. Here it is, untainted (emphasis mine):
But for older people it’s not just that they dislike Mr. Obama’s style. Significantly more older voters hold the highly conservative social opinions that Pew analyses have found to be associated with lack of support for his candidacy, including disapproval of interracial dating, belief that equal rights have been pushed too far and concern that immigrants threaten traditional values.
If Obama's campaign does not jump on this opportunity inspire older voters in the same way he's inspired younger ones, Kohut says he may well lose the White House to McSame. A Clinton veep nod might do the trick, or perhaps a Wesley Clark to offset McSame's advantages on patriotism and toughness.

Does anyone think that the voices against affirmative action won't be emboldened, or that it's proponents won't be undermined, by an Obama presidency? As if to say, Hey, if an African-American man can be elected president of the United States a scant 40+ years after the passage of both the Civil Rights and National Voting Rights Acts, doesn't that mean that there's no pressing need for special treatment anymore? Can we do away with laws prohibiting discrimination?

How about we wait until an African-American woman gets the nod?

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