Saturday, May 10, 2008

Propaganda in the USA, Cont.

A reader writes:
Rupert and his peers and associates have been in bed with the McNasties for way too long, and free to shovel propa-dogma down America's throat on behalf of the FEDCORP machine until John Q. can no longer tell a lemming's asshole from a moonrise. The thing about it is, it works so well because of the absence of education in this country since the Reagan atrocity (although one can tenably argue that RR could never have been elected in the first place, had the average American voter at that time been in possession of even a passable education); for the gov-orporate spin machine, it's like picking on a mentally challenged kid in the schoolyard. It makes me sick.
And We The People can't do THING ONE about this, without trouncing freedom of speech. We're either America, or we ain't. The only fix, as I see it, is to restore education, in hopes that it will expose enough Americans to good, honorable time. Like Billy Crystal said in 'Analyze This': "It's a process."
That's goddamn right.

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