Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Reader Writes...

DISCLAIMER: My good friend and songwriting pal Byron Fry is/was a precinct worker for Obama up in his town of Bishop, CA. He was responding to my post about Hillary or Obama against McCain:
Regarding Obama's chances against McSame vs. Clinton's chances against McSame: The thing to keep in mind here, really, is that if Obama is anything, he is the great uniter and inspiration. Before the Clinton campaign went on the warpath, requiring Obama to shift gears into damage control while fighting on two fronts, his positive message (in January and February most notably) was getting more of the swing vote---including converts from the Republican party---than any Democratic candidate in memory since JFK ... and more than Clinton by a margin of two to one. That's the best indicator of how much better than her he'll stack up against McSame. Besides, what these polls don't reflect and cannot take into account is the way Obama can inspire this whole country. Once he's actually facing McSame in debate, it'll be pretty hard for anyone who's not a drooling imbecile to maintain adherence to the Bush doctrine. While Hillary could make many of the same arguments, she doesn't inspire people the way Obama does, and the power of that difference is what I just don't see the talking heads taking into account.

There truly is hope.
Not to burst the bubble here, but most of the people in OH, WV, KY, PA, IN, AR, TN, and OK who have delivered victories for Clinton are about as close to being the "drooling imbecile" type as one can get.

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