Friday, June 20, 2008

Bob Barr Will Put Obama in the WH

Barr's candidacy on the Libertarian ticket excites a lot of people. He has a lot of sensible things to say, he's anti-tax, anti-big government, and more of a true conservative. Sullivan likes him.

In this interview, I like what he says about Law and Order vs. Due Process: "You cannot have a free society without due process." And, and, AND... this man who was one of the architects in the impeachment of Bill Clinton, would choose Bill Clinton over George W. Bush. "George W. Bush has done such damage to the notion of freedom and liberty and [the] privacy of the individual in our society, and has worked so much to increase government power, systemic government power, over the individual."

I like this guy! Best of all, conservatives all over the country are going to hear his message, because the media will not marginalize him the way they did to Ron Paul, because he's just that much more credible. Those that hear his message and are swayed by him will be more of the right-wing conservatives, those that would vote first for McSame. It will only help an Obama well ahead of his opponent.

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