Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why No Pictures of American Flag-Draped Coffins

I was pretty disgusted by the fact that the Bush Administration prohibited photographs of flag-draped coffins coming off airplanes since the war in Afghanistan began. I always thought it was about restricting freedom of the press and exercising control and doing the propaganda thing. And of course, most of that is true.

But, courtesy of Maureen Dowd today, I have a more nuanced view. This bit appeared in a column about Bush's dinner with UK Prime Minister Brown:

The Daily Mail’s front page on Monday juxtaposed a picture of the Union Jack-draped coffins of five British paratroopers killed in Afghanistan, lined up on the tarmac before being flown home, and a picture of W. and Laura landing at Heathrow.
Now I get it. Can't have pictures of our men and women coming home in boxes juxtaposed against pictures of a smiling, smirking, petulant Bush now, can we? I mean, the man sacrificed his golf game to be in solidarity with American soldiers and their families! No, wait... he lied about that, didn't he?

Actually, now I'm embarrassed for this president. I don't think I can take anymore.

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