Monday, June 23, 2008

Conservative Rag Worries About Barr too

The Washington Times, reports on GOP fretting about a Barr candidacy that will undermine McSame in 2008. Typically, Newt Gingrich is busily manipulating words to create a parallel universe: "No reasonable conservative is going to vote for anyone except McCain," [he] said.

Uh, yeah right.

A "reasonable conservative," by definition, could never vote for a candidate where reason plays such a minor role. Fear, superficiality, populism? Those don't play into the decisions of any "reasonable" voter. We, the geeks of reason, nuance, and deliberation, are inheriting this earth, and will put the frat boys out to pasture to live out their days with ESPN and Girls Gone Wild.

NOTE: While I called Barr a spoiler last Friday, I wrongly identified those that would vote for Barr as "right-wing conservatives," as if implying that the typical right-winger today would vote for him and be the tipping factor for Obama. No, I meant to say that Barr would take away voters who would opt for McCain over Obama in the absence of someone like Barr. Mea culpa.

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