Friday, June 20, 2008

A Dissent to "De-mystifying Obama"

A reader writes:
I'm a conservative so I don't subscribe to his beliefs, for the most part. His association with his former church and left-wing wackos like Bill Ayres is frightening. Obama needs to cut the fluff and talk about the issues and where he stands. He also needs to include ALL the media in his interviews, including FOX News and the like. Right now, he's still Chauncy Gardner (Peter Sellers in Being There) to me.

If one is frightened by Obama's associating with left-wing "wackos," how about McCain's long-term association with right-wing wackos like John Hagee? Remember him? He's the guy who called the Nazi Holocaust and Hitler God's way of justifying the creation of Israel. Then there was McCain's earlier repudiation of Falwell and Robertson (the wackos who blamed gays and abortionists for 9/11 and Katrina), calling them "Agents of Intolerance," before he decided that their support would help him rather than hurt him.

If the reader can't see past "the fluff," then he's not really listening. Obama is clear on his positions. Perhaps hearing them clearly is difficult when FOX News is turned up so loud in his household. And how can one get a firm grip on McCain's position, who went from a principled Senator to a say-anything-to-win candidate for President in the blink of an eye?

And while on the subject of FOX News, Obama's ignoring them is a fitting punishment for their inability to balance their radical right-wing editorial position. Roger Ailes is of the same mold as Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, in my opinion. I would actually love to see them forced to stay on the outside looking in. Believe me, though, it won't last long. They'll either capitulate and strive for more journalistic balance, or they'll turn into a great big Mike Savage-style hate-a-thon. Either way, it'll be good for Obama and more right-minded individuals.

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