Friday, June 20, 2008

Further Dissent from the Dissenter

From the same reader who dissented earlier, on my comment regarding Obama's refusal to appear on FOX News (get ready, it's pretty amazing!):
When I hear those who say FOX news editorial is right-wing, I just laugh! It's only because almost all other mainstream media, i.e., CNN, CBS, NBC, are so far left it makes FOX new's distinct position seem far right, when in truth it's as close to the middle as is out there. It probably also explains why their ratings are thru the roof, and that includes an audience of a lot of democrats.

This time, I left the response up to Dr. Levi:

Oh, [dear reader]. Whatever are we going to do with you?

There are no left-wing commercial media. Really. I actually study this stuff, so I know what I’m talking about. The people who whine and complain about liberal bias in media just created that analysis pretty much out of thin air and a highly selective sampling of media.

Think about this: do you actually think that the board members of Disney, Viacom, and Universal are bleeding-heart lefties? You think they want to be taxed to death? You think Sumner Redstone is campaigning for gay rights? I don’t, and there’s plenty of evidence to support my perception.

So here’s the punchline: do you think they will serve up information that is fundamentally at odds with their best interests?

As Eric might say: “Uh, yeah right.”

As far as O’s avoidance of FOX…remember, FOX is not there to serve you. They are not on the air to serve the public interest, convenience, or necessity, in spite of what licensing laws might say. They have no obligation to be accurate, complete, or responsible in what they say. What they are all about is selling you to advertisers. So why the hell should Obama (or anyone else, who isn’t just hawking product) go on FOX News to help them sell Toyotas, toilet paper, Budweiser, and whatever else they sell through their commercial time? Given this, his avoidance makes pretty good sense.

Besides, Bill O’Reilly isn’t about asking tough questions, he’s about Bill O’Reilly. And since he’s fundamentally a narcissist, he really doesn’t need anyone else on his show to get his point across, which is just his opinion. Again, why bother to deal with that?

Words aren’t of much use when people don’t listen. And O’Reilly et al are not about listening. They are about ranting, shouting, lecturing, and posturing. Not to mention being way off base. Or did you miss all that stuff about Iraq having WMD that they broadcast during 2002 and 2003. That bullshit has gotten people killed. It’s no joke.


(back to Eric, now) Dear readers, please feel free to continue this debate. I love it! And if anyone wishes to add anything, I'm happy to include your comments, on any post I write (or anything for that matter).

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