Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obama vs. Lieberman -- Celebrity Death Match?

Layers upon layers: Cesca links to an excerpt from a Talking Points Memo piece excerpting a Roll Call article (sorry, subscription required; thanks, TPM!) on a conversation in the Senate chamber between Barack Obama and Joe Lieberman. Apparently, Obama gave him a little talking-to about something or other. Obama had Lieberman up against the wall and was in his face with some demontrative hand gesturing. All smiles and pats on the back afterward, with Obama smiling up at the press leaning over the railing to get a better view. What, no one had a fucking camera?

Not that it's a suprise, but Lieberman's quickly losing his once-powerful status with the Democratic caucus, so long as he slowly sidles over to the Republican side. Watch for him to be the 2008 version of Zell Miller at the Republican convention. If he does that, it will mean political suicide for him in 2012, unless the unthinkable happens and McBush wins in November, which will probably get Joe a spot in the cabinet.

Hey, Ned Lamont, you want to try again?

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