Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who Cares More About Working Americans?

From the AP today:
Senate Republicans blocked a proposal Tuesday to tax the windfall profits of the
largest oil companies, despite pleas by Democratic leaders to use the measure to
address America's anger over $4 a gallon gasoline.

Cesca makes it lookpretty simple:
Republicans are in bed with the oil companies.
Republicans are taxing American drivers.
Republicans are taxing working Americans.
Republicans fought a war for oil.
Republicans gave the oil companies a sloppy wet kiss.
Why are the Republicans so obstructionist?
Repeat all of the above. Over and over and over.

By blocking the windfall profits tax -- which I'm not sure is an ideal solution anyway -- Democrats now get to paint the Republicans (i.e., McCain) as the enemy of working Americans (contrary to their professed image) and the puppets of the oil companies (not that that's news). Can't have it both ways. You're either with us or against us. I don't see the Republican logic: oil companies reap huge profits when oil prices rise, sticking it to all Americans, but mostly working Americans who have to drive to earn their paychecks, paying for groceries that tie prices to transportation costs. How, now, do they say they're on the side of ordinary Americans?

Solution: Drive a hybrid, eat local produce, walk or bike when possible, open the windows and run ceiling fans in summer, lower the thermostat and put on a sweater in the winter.

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