Monday, June 30, 2008

General Clark Has Support from Veterans

A great piece by Jon Soltz, an Iraq War veteran with degrees in political science and history. With mild sarcasm, he derides the media for jumping down General Wesley Clark's throat for saying that McCain's experience as a prisoner of war or a voice on the Senate Armed Forces Committee don't necessarily qualify him to be president. One example:
Senator McCain's experience didn't lead him to support the 21st Century GI Bill -- he opposed it. It didn't even make him feel the need to get back to Washington to vote on this -- one of the most important veterans' bills this Congress. He twice skipped votes on the GI Bill, to fundraise.

Money quote:
By looking at Senator McCain's positions and votes (or lack of them), it seems that experience has not given him the right judgment on important issues of our time. And, while we should all honor Senator McCain's service, that doesn't mean we should necessarily honor it by putting him in the White House to take up George W. Bush's third term.

Bravo. Click here to sign a petition in support of General Clark.

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