Friday, June 13, 2008

A Great Question from Glen Greenwald

From his Salon blog today:
[H]ow and why would any American object to the mere requirement that our Government prove that someone is guilty before we imprison them indefinitely or execute them? That is all that yesterday's Supreme Court ruling required -- not that detainees be released, but that their guilt be proven in a fair proceeding. The fact that the Right is so enraged by this basic requirement vividly reveals the authoritarian impulses which define them. After all, key McCain ally Lindsey Graham is actually threatening to amend our Constitution to limit the right of habeas corpus in response to yesterday's ruling. The authoritarian radicalism of this faction can't be overstated.

Indeed. Graham is worried that "liberal" judges and "activist" lawyers will now get to "intervene in basic military matters for the first time in history."

Bullshit. This ruling does not put military decisions into judges' hands, but it does empower them by way of our Constitution to hear certain claims -- properly brought before the court -- under habeas corpus writs. That Graham actually thinks Americans are so stupid as to let the government limit an individual's right to confront those who accuse him and demand to review evidence against him is pretty scary. In truth, I think Americans, at least those who would vote for McBush, ARE that stupid.

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