Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The California Conundrum

Byron Fry is an Obama campaign worker in Bishop, CA. He writes:
[I]t's time for me to consider how to chase the fence-sitters in a small redneck town. Up 'til now, my work for the campaign had me categorically talking to other dems and libs, but now we have to bring it, and we need to do so in a constructive, positive way that'll enable Leroy, Festes, Cletus and Clem to hear why their whole socio-political paradigm is, well, un-American. I'd be better at this if I didn't mind rednecks, but I gotta honor a truth here: These are the type of people that chased me down and beat me as a kid for having long hair. This is gonna be tough, and it's gonna test my patience.
To be realistic, though, I can't imagine [California] going to McSame, so I'm guessing our strategy here is going to be to organize phone banks and call fence-sitters in swing states. That can't be so bad; hell, it's just the MOST CRUCIAL FUCKING ELECTION in our lifetime; what could possibly go wrong? Anyway...
Going out to smoke a cigar at the waterfall and the stars, and yes, allow myself a moment of honoring the collective accomplishment...
Crucial, indeed. But if Leroy, Festes, Cletus and Clem voted for Hillary this time around, the Obama campaign will need to find a way to reach out to them. Maybe pulling a Wesley Clark onto the ticket will do the trick to neutralize their "I'd-vote-for-McCain-before-that-colored-guy" bent.

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