Friday, June 20, 2008

Growing Up Dad

All these posts today about the law-breaking Bush and the Congress that enables him makes me think of my kids and how I'm raising them.

Especially my son Max, who turns six next month. A few months ago, I got a ticket for having an expired registration tag (actually, I'd paid for it and had it in my glove box, but I was too lazy to put on the sticker). I explained to him that I got a ticket for breaking the law (I wouldn't have had to do that had I not brought it up over dinner), but since then he's been literally obsessed with registration stickers, their years, their colors. He looks at EVERY car he can to see if they're in compliance. When they're not, he says, "They have a 2006; they're breaking the law, right, Daddy?" Aaaauuuuggggh!

Anyway, I bring this up because I realize now that it really doesn't matter which law one breaks; when one breaks the law, one should pay a price.

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