Friday, August 8, 2008

Again, Who's the Elitist?

Check out Sullivan's rant about McCain's latest negative ad.

Here's the thing. Obama drinks organic tea, eats healthy foods, plays hoops, spent some time living abroad, went to Harvard on a scholarship, and can't bowl. He grew up on food stamps, was raised by a single mother, had an absentee dad and a harsh stepfather, and had very little most of his life, and somehow he's a member of the elite?

Conversely, child of privilege McBush held that silver spoon in his mouth for so long it turned his teeth yellow, dumped his first wife for a newer, richer model, can't navigate on the internet, couldn't locate Iraq and Pakistan on a map, and he's the friend of the common man?

Hmmm. Maybe there's something to that. The Republican arrogance is so blatant, so unapologetic, you have to sort of admire it. We stupid American voters might just believe it.

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