Monday, August 18, 2008

Let the Bayh-er Beware

Eskow sounds off on how bad a decision choosing Evan Bayh would be for Veep. Money quote (emphasis from the author):
But the other big reason to avoid Bayh is that it would read as weakness. Obama would be telegraphing to the electorate that he doesn't think his own talents or his "new Democrat" approach are enough to win the day. He would be saying that he doesn't believe he can make it without having someone on the ticket who represents the timorous Democratic politicking of the past eight years.
Eskow believes, as I do, that General Wes Clark is the man to choose. A strong leader, a strong military background. The guy's got a mouth on him, and I think that with Obama, he needs someone who'll go on the attack. Choosing Bayh would mean choosing someone who was strongly in support of going to war, which Obama has used to differentiate himself from most of his Democratic opponents.

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