Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama gains an independent voter

Susan Eisenhower bolts the GOP. Don't blame her for registering independent though, as the Dem Party does have a serious identity crisis.
[A]s the [Republican] party threatens to trivialize what promised to be a serious debate on our future direction, it will alienate many young people who might have come into party ranks.

They mishandled what became a crisis in the Caucusus, and this has undermined U.S. national security. At the same time, the McCain camp appears to be comfortable with running an unworthy Karl Rove–style political campaign.

[T]here will be some joy for me in my new status [as an Independent] since I will be able to speak for myself, and not as a member of a party that has, sadly, lost its way.
Now if only the Bush twins would do the same.

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