Thursday, August 21, 2008

More fight advice

...and Josh Marshall agrees with Eskow:
Don't demand or beg or please or even ask. It's silly and weak and achieves nothing. McCain's weakness is that he's abandoned everything he always said he believed in, just to be president. Against Bush/Rove attacks? Now they run his campaign? Reform? Now he's for all of President Bush's economic policies. It's the mix of flip-flops and moral failures that made his one time admirer diagnose him with a "severe
character defect
." A lot of people can see McCain's moral and character problem. But it needs bringing to the surface. Obama should come at it soft and his surrogates hard. It has the deep virtue of being true. Whatever else, STOP BEGGING.

Good advice, Josh, but truth isn't a prerequisite. If it was, we'd never have gone into Iraq and Bush and Cheney might have been impeached by now.

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