Sunday, August 31, 2008


Glenn Greenwald posts a fantastic piece today. St. Paul, MN police raid houses of people who are suspected of planning protests at the Republican National Convention. The accompanying video is fantastic in its description of how armed police officers in masks and riot gear broke into these houses, displayed no warrants to do so, took laptops, etc., detained individuals, and deliberately attempted to intimidate them into giving up their plans to protest.

Typical. And repugnant. I thought stuff like this was illegal. Where's the probable cause? Some were charged with "conspiracy to commit riot," which a lawyer quoted in the piece described as so vague as to allow pre-emptive strikes like this against even peaceful protesters. The lawyer believes that the law is unconstitutional, but since it had never been tested in court, it was invoked for these raids.

Obama's campaign should jump on this while investigating the Denver police as well.

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