Friday, August 29, 2008

Crude, yet...

Elvis Dingeldein, who I first discovered when reading Bob Cesca's live-blogging comments during the Democratic National Convention, has his own website called Clusterdouche. He has posted a crude, yet funny assessment of the McCan't pick for VP.

And really, isn’t that what the nation needs right now? Not competence or hope for a new direction but the basest, most cynical grab-assing for that handful of bitter, twisted PUMAs and CHUDs that would vote for any vagina-owner – even one that would crush a woman’s right to choose and breeds like a West Virginian – rather than admit their girl got beat by a black man. “We have no shame,” says McCain aide Gunther “Black and Decker” Testosterone-Gunownerton. "Our candidate has an abysmal record on women’s rights, he left his first wife after a crippling car accident to screw some rich Republican robot, so we’ve got some serious pandering to do. And yes, women simply are that stupid. We’ve got this sewn up now!”
Could the Republican nominee actually be vetting the next ex-Mrs. McCan't? Interesting idea, but I doubt it. Looking at her husband, I am pretty sure he could kick McCan't's saggy ass. And Cindy still has all that money and all that beer. What better way to buy off the media at barbecues?

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