Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And Ted Rall is railing about...

...why McCan't will win in November. The admonition to Obama with less than 90 days to go:

Obama has already traveled too far down the Path of the Kerry, repeatedly voting for funding a war his entire candidacy is predicated upon opposing, not to mention government spying on U.S. citizens and, most recently, the embarrassingly cheesy spectacle of endorsing offshore oil drilling. I mean, really: Do any right-wing conservatives believe he really means any of this stuff?

If he is to make history by salvaging his campaign from its current neck-and-neck status with McCain, Obama will have to rally the Democrats' liberal base by throwing them some red meat: immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, socialized medicine and a sweeping credit crisis bailout plan (all interest rates legally reset to prime) would be a start. He'll also need to beat up McCain (fairly) for agreeing with Bush about just about everything--and pledge to hold the Bushies responsible for their crimes.

I laid out a grand stump speech for Obama here.
And let's face it: George W. Bush is the most unpopular president we've ever had. And he's their #1 role model.
The time to start fighting back and end the rope-a-dope was weeks ago, but Obama can still pull this one out if he stops listening to the center of the Democratic Party.

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