Friday, August 29, 2008

Reader comment

A reader writes:

Let us not forget Karl Rove, who is probably, even as I write this, spinning a beautiful pro-life tale about this woman whom, even if she had known about the challenged child, would have elected to keep it and not have an abortion. Plays well in the Bible belt and energizes the base. And also, let us not forget that it is Karl Rove we need to be fighting, not McSame. McSame is, unfortunately, about as smart as George W. and will let Rove handle everything.
I agree that her evangelical roots and pro-life stance and decision to keep her baby will go down well with the right-wing base. But I disagree on the Rove front. Rove is a target for Obama's surrogates, to be sure, but the nominees need to attack their opponents, not Rove. And McCan't is a LOT smarter than Bush.

The Palin issue will only be an issue because the media makes it so. The Obama campaign can dismiss her pretty quickly and respectfully. And she will disappear as this race becomes what it should be: a decision between a doddering old man with nothing new to say, and a vibrant young man full of new ideas.

Palin is out of left field. I don't predict she'll freeze up before the cameras or on the debates, but she's clearly out of her league. No offense to my female readers, but Biden is Einstein next to the soccer mom from Wasilla, Alaska.

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