Monday, August 25, 2008

One Can Only Hope

The biggest gift McCan't can give the Democrats is selecting Mitt Romney to be VP. A Sullivan reader delivers a spot-on assessment. Choice quote.
McCain called Romney a flip-flopper dozens of times on record, said he cost thousands of jobs as head of Bain and of course questioned his commitment on Iraq. That doesn’t include all the things Romney said about McCain, like attacking McCain on taxes, attacking him for not having a clue on the economy and a host of other issues. Obama’s folks would have a bevy of pre-made ads just using the ads that McCain and Romney ran against each other in the primary.

The reader believes Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty would be a better choice. What McCan't needs is a prominent Christian(ist) conservative who has little to no negatives that the Democrats can attack. He/she can't be a lightweight, needs to be a strong speaker/debater, and has to have the stones to attack Obama relentlessly while maintaining a Teflon sheen that repels counter-attacks.

No one in the Republican candidate field has those credentials. Republican, by definition today, means too many negatives to count. But there are plenty of heavyweight Christian(ists) who could apply. Unfortunately, McCan't has already signed his Faustian contract by hooking into the Rove Matrix. I don't think he can get any deeper into Hell than that.

There are at least four Republican readers of my blog, and I'd like to hear from them. Whom would you choose?

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