Saturday, August 2, 2008

To the Cons in my address smart.

From Andrew Sullivan:
We have war criminals as president and vice-president, and a constitution staggering after one serious terror attack. But the campaign is about whether Obama is like Paris Hilton.

The threat of Rove and his ilk is not that their petty, deceptive and irresistibly subjective tactics are evil in a petty, deceptive, childish kind of way. It's that their venial sins distract from their mortal ones. It's the mortal ones we have to be worried about. And the mortal ones that they are getting away with.

Definitely. If you're a Republican, you have to know how low-life your candidate's campaign looks, even to a conservative like Sullivan. We are not electing the guy who can throw the best zingers. We're all capable of doing that once in a while. We're electing the guy with the better ideas of how to change direction in this country. McSame is not interested in change; he wants everything that has happened for the past eight years to continue. Get that.

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