Friday, August 29, 2008

Reader comment, cont.

In response to my earlier post of a reader's comment, the same reader writes:
Point taken. But they need to start fighting and forget the Marquis of Queensbury rules.
Are you kidding me? Did you listen to that speech last night? Or Clinton's? Or Biden's? Or Kerry's? Or Hillary's? Or Gore's? There are six heavyweights right there who just tore into McCan't this week. While it's true that the media has already forgotten all those speeches today, the next two months will be bloody awesome watching. I'm waiting for McCan't to get unhinged during the debates. Did you read this interview in Time? He's on the edge of insanity.

Obama put it well last night by basically defining insanity and relating it to a McCan't presidency:
For 18 long months, you have stood up, one by one, and said, "Enough," to the politics of the past. You understand that, in this election, the greatest risk we can take is to try the same, old politics with the same, old players and expect a different result.

The gloves are off. Biden has 36 years in the Senate dealing with women of all stripes on both sides of the aisle. He'll do just fine.

Don't buy into the media hyperventilating about Sarah Palin. She eats, drinks, and poops just like you and me.

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