Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back in the Swing

Didn't post on Saturday, as it was a busy day for my family. Had some good "watching the kids grow" moments. My younger son, Eli, is three and very athletic. We used to have him swimming at the YMCA every Saturday since he was six months old, and he absolutely loved it. He was enthusiastic, he took risks, and he loved being in the water. He also loved his instructor. One Saturday about 18 months ago, she wasn't there. The substitute was an instructor who did the kid classes during the week. She was right there with all the drills, but her voice was so shrill, and loud, it just freaked my kid out. We have learned that Eli does not like loud noises (unless he or his brother make them, OF COURSE!). Since that day, he became terrified of pools, and wouldn't go near them. This summer, however, we have seen some change. At first he wouldn't touch the water but played around it. Then he would sit on the steps of his grandmother's pool. He wouldn't let anyone except my wife or her mother to touch him. He's still a lot like that, but yesterday he let me take him in the water and tool him around as he hung over one of those foam tubes that we call "swimming noodles." And he had a great time. Today he let us do it again, and he was able to kick around the whole pool all by himself. Quite a huge change, and I got a huge kick out of it.

Max, my six year old, has become a regular swimmer. He did the same Saturdays at the Y, and he stayed with it until he was about three years old. He quit the classes, and refused to try to swim. However, this summer he's at day camp, and they have him swimming every Monday and Tuesday, when he is around other kids who have no fear of swimming, diving, doing handstands, etc. Today, Max was all over the pool, and it was such a treat to see how he's found his inner courage. I'm really proud of him.

Anyway, that was how I spent my weekend. I'm glad to be back, though.

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