Sunday, August 17, 2008

Music We Recently Enjoyed

Hanging out in the Central Garden of the Getty Museum Saturday afternoon, my family and I heard a performance by a true blues man, a young guy who has his ears and voice rooted in the traditions of American music from the slave era to the mid-20th century. His name is Guy Davis, and he's the son of actors Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee. He came out with a harmonica, a couple of acoustic guitars, and a banjo, and just blew us all away. He didn't shout, didn't get all flashy with his musicianship, and didn't bring out a caricature of a blues voice. He was so authentic. The boys were dancing all around, and when he played his guitar, they stood there and watched.

Here's a picture of him with the boys (Max is wearing his pork-pie hat). Check his stuff out here.

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