Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hilzoy Holla

I'm liking hilzoy -- aka Andrew Olmsted -- more and more. From his blog, Obsidian Wings:

Does McCain really want to argue that no one could have opposed the surge without being motivated by blind ambition, even though it was opposed, at the time, by the commanders in Iraq, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Iraq Study Group? I suppose someone might try to argue that even these people were looking out for their own self-interest, but that would be a hard argument to make in the case of Generals Casey and Abizaid, given that their opposition to the surge reportedly played a role in their being replaced.

If John McCain wants to smear everyone who opposed the surge, let him say so. If not, he should accept that it is possible for reasonable people motivated by love of their country to differ on this question, and find a more honorable line of attack.

McCan't... can't. He's a Republican, remember?

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