Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shameless Corporate Media and Fighting Back

A Pew Research poll released today reveals that 48% of Americans have been "hearing too much" about Barack Obama -- that he's overexposed. Breaking this down, it reveals that 67% of Republicans feel that way, 34% of Democrats, and 51% of independents.

On the other hand, only 26% of responders indicated that they'd been hearing too much about John McBush. Breaking THIS down, only 10% of Republicans, 35% of Democrats, and 28% of independents.

Why is this a surprise? Every time I have watched or read anything in the mainstream media in the past two weeks, it has been McBush slamming Obama for being elitist, presumptuous, inexperienced, a celebrity, and empty of real ideas. The conservative media bias (called liberal by conservatives, but we all know how they can lie, don't we?) is so tilted toward the "wrinkly, gray-haired guy" that it seems Obama can't get a word in edge-wise.

And this is exactly the GOP strategy: monopolize the news cycle so effectively --as they have done in every election since Ronald Reagan -- that the Democrats look weak, indecisive, and without a plan of attack. People are sick of hearing about Obama because the message controlled by the corporate media is all Obama, all the time.

To combat this, Obama needs desperately to step it up and go after McBush's strengths. People like the fact that he wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent -- go after that! Make sure voters get riled up about the fact that they won't see jack squat from that tax cut:
"Do you want to pay more so that your employer can pay less? How many of you have lost your jobs while your mega-rich employers is still raking in seven figures? You're on food stamps and hitting the food bank, and digging into sofa cushions for gas money, and you think it's a good idea that your mega-rich employers get to pay less taxes? How well did the last tax cut work to spur more investment in American jobs? Not too well, huh? Well, if you want to continue to pay more taxes, vote for McCain!"
People like the fact that McSame was right about supporting the Bush/Cheney surge. Hit him with it! Make sure voters get mad that gas costs over $4/gallon partly because speculators bid up the price of crude due to unrest in the Middle East, exacerbated by what? The Bush/Cheney surge! And this rapid inflationary pressure has emasculated the dollar, which has done what? Raise the cost of crude!
"Exxon/Mobil just posted their most profitable quarter in their company's history: nearly $12 billion. And that came out of your wallets! Automobile gasoline and diesel fuel make up the largest single usage for crude oil on the planet. It is taking a bigger and bigger chunk of your monthly expenditures just to drive to and from work, to the grocery store where you buy ever-more expensive food, and to the soccer field to watch your kids play. The Chinese have been buying SUVs by the truckload -- because their government's been raking it in off the cheap dollars that they've been buying that have financed the Bush/Cheney war in Iraq! And we have had to reduce our driving by nearly 10 billion miles as the price of gas has shot through the roof. We have had to choose between eating and driving. How's that working for you? Not too well, huh? Well, if you want more of that, vote for McCain!"
Voters like McBush for his war heroism, his back story of being a prisoner of war. There's even a way to hit him with that. Hit him on his flip flop over torture:
"You would think that someone who spent years as a prisoner of war, subjected to horrific conditions including torture, would have had a mind-set tilted more towards peace after coming back from such an experience. And for a while there, we sure all cheered McCain on as he took on the president to specifically ban torture as a method for questioning. Yet here he is now, toeing the Bush/Cheney line on torture, saying that sometimes we have to do the difficult thing in order to preserve our safety. But I say that it's easier to pull the trigger, easier to dehumanize the other person, easier to imprison him without charge for the rest of his life, easier to strip him naked, pour water over his face to make him feel like he's drowning so that you can extract some minuscule piece of 'intelligence' that couldn't possibly be reliable because it was extracted by torture, than it would be to talk to your enemies and painstakingly, assertively hammer out a deal. It's easier to ignore our own system of laws, or international treaties that we have ratified, or to break these laws repeatedly, while paying lip service to the idea of freedom, than it is to live by the law and bear the awesome and sober responsibilities that freedom demands of us. A man of honor does not pay back torture with more torture. An American president should not have to bear the scorn of the world for being deaf to the concerns of our allies and friends. But, if that's the kind of president you want, then vote for McCain."
Hit him again, and again, and again. And in those debates, flay him with his own words. Don't let up until the sword is buried to the hilt inside his self-righteous, arrogant, elitist, neocon heart. And when it's all over, go over and shake his hand, leaning in to say just to him: "I just kicked your ass. And tomorrow I'm gonna do it again."

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