Friday, August 15, 2008

New Blog Link added

If you readers are actually going to my blog's webpage instead of just reading the emails you get, you will see that I have included links to my favorite blogs, such as Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish, HuffingtonPost, and a new one today, RJ Eskow's A Night Light. RJ Eskow is a regular contributor to HuffPost who blogs in various places. You can read his bio here. The guy's a bit of a renaissance man, just the kind of progressive thinker this country needs right now.

Also added to the site is a link to The American Scene, a conservative blog that features posts from Reihan Salam. Now this American-born son of Bangladeshi immigrants is a young guy with a Harvard pedigree whose intellect is dizzying to say the least. A contemporary of his profiles him here.

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