Sunday, August 17, 2008

Obama 51, McCan't 27

No, that isn't the latest poll result, but the amount of millions each candidate raised in July. Obama, with his trip abroad that McCan't -- and his campaign aides in the corporate media -- said was a publicity stunt and alienated him from voters, nearly doubled McCan't takes. Obama has also added another 65,000 donors to his ever-growing list which now tops 2 million.

Serious numbers for the serious candidate. And for the second place finisher? His best month yet, but still no match for his opponent -- and that's the real Straight Talk.

A parallel story here, however, is the fact that the Republican National Committee and McCain combined have a combined $96 million, while Obama and the DNC have $98 million. In terms of money, they are neck and neck. Still, the RNC can't spend all its money on McCan't without doing damage to the many GOP House and Senate candidates who will need help this fall. Or, maybe it can dump all its money on McCan't, gambling on a belief that the Congress is going to be more Dem come November, and that the GOP's only hope is to win the White House.

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