Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Abuse of Uniform

Lee County, FL Sheriff Mike Scott, who is running for reelection, lost endorsements by both the Lee County chapters of the ACLU and the NAACP for remarks he made while in uniform Monday at a Palin rally.

In remarks made to introduce Sarah Palin before she took the stage, Scott "declared the world had three types of people, 'the ones who make things happen, the ones who watch what happens and the ones who wonder what happened. Let’s leave Barack Hussein Obama wondering what happened.' ”

A spokesman for both the ACLU and NAACP said he supports Scott's right to speak his mind, it was inflammatory and he "didn't have the right to do it in uniform."

Scott has stood by his comments, saying that "I had to give my full name ... to the Secret Service ... so why should I apologize? ... Is there some kind of double standard here where ... I can't use his?"
“I just wanted to use his full name,” Scott said. “And frankly, if this is such a hot-button issue, he, as a Harvard lawyer, could have changed it if he didn’t like it.”

But he doesn't dislike it, and Scott knew it was a "hot-button issue." Racist asshole.

If law enforcement officials in uniform openly make political inflammatory statements, like using the Arabic middle name of the Democratic presidential nominee, just think of the kind of atmosphere we could have under a Palin-McCan't administration. It literally sends chills down my spine.

Credit where it's due, however: The McCan't campaign went on TV and a Palin spokesperson sent out a press release condemning and distancing themselves from the statement. Still, I bet they'll send out as many condemnation statements as they can so long as the name Hussein gets out as often as possible.

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