Friday, October 24, 2008

This is What the Right Has Become

From Dan Riehl comes a disgusting suggestion. This guy to be hung up by his short hairs:
I'm not doubting she is ill. But believe me, if you think this guy would leave the campaign trail for an hour if he felt he were running from behind, he wouldn't do it. Not unless he thought it helped him to do so. [...] Man. I hope his numbers don't start to drop. He might have to hold a pillow against her face and maybe later break into tears the way Hillary did. Only I suspect hers were genuine.
Words fail.

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marilyn said...

that's only part of it. I didn't know people could be so hateful. There were even suggestions that Barack was going back to Honolulu to deal with the demand for his "real" birth certificate, he had his lawyers with him, etc. The Right has become one big nutcase. Could it be that they are scared of what Barack might uncover once he gets into office? Interesting thought.

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