Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Off

I took a much-needed break from blogging this past weekend to have some bonding time with the family. Max and I did an overnight camping trip with his YMCA Indian Guides buddies. Last year we had a huge wind problem which became a brush fire and prompted our early evacuation, but this time it was much calmer. Max had a blast playing soccer and football with his new friends Will, Seth, Trey, Brendon, Jonah and Gabriel. He had a bit of a breakthrough with competitive sports as well. We organized a quick soccer match -- boys against the dads -- and Max initially had a cow about wanting to be on my team and not wanting to play a game. For some reason, participating in team sports makes him nervous. Maybe it's all the action, or maybe it's because he's a perfectionist like me and doesn't want to make a mistake. But this time, it kind of clicked for him that it was OK and he stuck it out. On top of that, the kids were a good team -- they listened us dads when we encouraged them to pass and work together. Trey and Seth were a year older and had team experience (as did Jonah), so Max got some good ball time. He even "scored" a couple of goals (one with me as goalie). All this turned him into an animal and he ended up being the gutsiest, most aggressive one out there, going for the ball, trying for steals. His self-confidence soared, especially after one of the dads -- a pretty skilled player and an active soccer coach -- told him how good he was and that he should be playing on a team. He slept like a rock that night and told me later he had the best time and couldn't wait for another Indian Guides meeting with his new buddies. I was pretty damn proud.

Came home late Sunday morning to Eli having stomach issues and needing some extra attention. Lisa and I took care of him and he was feeling good enough to head to my in-laws' place for Opa's birthday party (happy 66th Allan!). We were all pretty exhausted by Sunday night.

I have a good post to send out in a bit about a convo I had with some of the Indian Guides dads about the election. Risky to talk about politics in such a social-centered environment, but I got something good out of it.

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