Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trivial Matter #1

The RNC has spent nearly $150,000 on clothing and accessorizing Sarah Palin and her family since she was selected veep by McCain.

Not that I begrudge the expense -- it's public money given to them for campaigning, and I'm sure she wouldn't be a hockey mom in jeans and a polo shirt with a little self-applied lip liner and mascara -- but it does seem excessive. Not as excessive, of course, as Cindy McCain's $325,000 ensemble at the Republican National Convention. That was just vulgar.

Just for some perspective, however. More vulgar was the $400,000 cost of a spa retreat at a California resort for AIG agents and executives, taken after they received an $85 billion loan from the Federal Reserve Bank. AIG representatives tried to explain it away, saying it was planned long before they got the loan, it was hosted by a subsidiary, and was provided for independent agents. Whatever. Bad idea. Should have been cancelled.

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