Friday, October 10, 2008

Troopergate Reported May Be Delayed

TPM reports that the investigator who conducted the inquiry into Sarah Palin's dismissal of the state's safety commissioner may encounter resistance from Republican lawmakers in Alaska ahead of the release. A 14-person committee (10 of them Republicans) will get to review the findings prior to deciding whether to make the report public.

According to the TPM story, six of the 10 legislators filed a suit (dismissed Thursday) to halt the investigation. One of those six charged that the investigation was politically motivated and tried to get the Democratic head of the probe removed.

You can bet that McCain operatives have gotten their claws on this Alaskan old boys network. Remember that Alaska is, as Palin has charged, a network of old cronies and a cesspool of favoritism and corruption. I'll bet there is lots of dirty laundry just waiting to be aired.

I predict that this report will be suppressed until after the election (or worse, filed away until released under a Freedom of Information Act request, thoroughly redacted) on the grounds that the investigation might unfairly influence the outcome of the election. Then McCain will go on media blackout about it, saying only that his own internal investigation into the matter clears Palin of any wrongdoing.

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