Friday, October 10, 2008

"Didn't Come Up in the Flow"

McCain answers Charlie Gibson as to why he didn't bring the Ayers charge to Obama's face. Since when does a politician lack the ability to steer a conversation to a topic he wants to talk about? He had the last word at the last debate. Surely he could have found 20-30 seconds to bring up "associations" or "who is the real Barack Obama" as a signal to his supporters that he's taking the fight directly to Obama and the rest of America.

Obama's comment to Gibson to other day that he was "surprised" McCain didn't bring this stuff up at the debate was, of course, phony surprise. It was designed to goad McCain into making a stupid mistake and bringing up these already-vetted and dismissed accusations in the context of a debate about the economic crisis and the wars. McCain is not that stupid, and he knows that he needs to keep his troops satiated with red meat because they're getting flogged with the daily polls showing their guy is continuing to fall behind.

The Democrats' best response to all this pointless shit is to continue to bring up how out of touch McCain is on the things that really matter to Americans. That he lacks the vision, the leadership ability, the judgment, and the temperament to be POTUS.

Twenty-five days. Patience and steel.

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